Several Pepakura pieces scored with pens.


Scoring is a process of weakening the cardstock of a Pepakura piece along a line so as to guide the cardstock to fold on that line. It is a simple process and can be accomplished with pens, a hobby knife, or a laser cutter.

  • Pens are handy in that they are fairly easily accessible, cheap, and not risky to use on the cardstock. But even thin tipped pens will make thicker scoring lines that obscure the original printed line, so they cannot provide "sharp" fold lines. Sharp fold lines are important for a smooth, mechanical fold without the paper bending or warping.
  • Hobby knives are good at making sharp fold lines that can be crisply and easily bent. But using a hobby knife - even the back edge - can be risky and cut through the cardstock. It also requires more dexterity than a pen and can be harder to use with a straight edge because of its sharpness.
  • Laser cutters can be set up to score cardstock, and can very quickly and precisely score an entire sheet or multiple sheets at once. However it requires an expensive laser cutting machine and setting up the instructions on a computer.

The Pen Method[edit | edit source]

Scoring with a pen and ruler.

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The Hobby Knife Method[edit | edit source]

A line scored with a pen and ruler.

Scoring with a knife.

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The Laser Cutting Method[edit | edit source]

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