"Rondo" is a colloquial term armorers have given to a material compound based on mixing Resin and Bondo .

It is a liquid, which hardens into a solid - similar to resin on its own, but has many of the physical attributes and strength of Bondo.

Rondo is often used to "slush" the inside of sealed, or closed objects, to create a solid structure. It can also be used to fill hard to access areas of parts, or quickly create a layer of hardened material on parts.

Mixing ratios[edit | edit source]

There are many ratios of resin to bondo that armorers use, though, these are the most common ones. All of these are mixed by weight, not volume.

1:1 - Resin : Bondo

1:2 - Resin : Bondo

A 1:1 mix will be more fluid, and will take longer to cure, while a 1:2 mix will have a higher viscostity, and will cure somewhat faster. The relative strength of the hardened material is mostly the same.

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