Pepakura has a 3D window, and a layout window.


Pepakura is a family of programs developed by Japanese programming group Tamasoft LTD. The primary focus of the Pepakura programs is to take 3d models, break them apart along polygon edges to "unfold" them so they can be printed and reassembled in the real world.

This allows for a cheap alternative to CNC methods to bring a 3d model into the physical world. In general, heavy weight cardstock (60-110lbs or 120-180gsm) works best for armor. Paper can be used for quick prototyping or small objects with a short lifespan.

For information on the usage of Pepakura to make armor, see the Pepakura Tutorial.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Tips go here... Uhh

  1. Make sure numbers are lined up (should this be in the tutorial part?)
  2. Cut ON the lines, not outside or inside them
  3. Work on one page at a time, it's okay to cut out all of the pieces in one page at once though
  4. Don't be afraid to make changes in Pepakura Designer to make the file easier to build
  5. Other stuff!
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