A CO2 laser perforating a sheet of cardboard.


Laser cutting is CNC process that uses a computer controlled laser to etch or cut paper, cardboard, plastics and sometimes metal. A common type of laser cutter is the CO2 laser, which provides a decent cutting experience and is roughly mid-range cost to purchase compared to other industrial machines.

In terms of armoring, lasers can be used to quickly cut Pepakura models into cardstock, or Foam pieces. In certain cases it can also be used to etch parts to offer a shallow engraving.

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Placing a Pepakura sheet for cutting.

A vector file prepared for laser cutting.

Cut pieces having been blown off the sheet by the fan.

The aftereffect of the laser cutting through the cardstock into the cardboard sacrificial board.

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Laser cutting acrylic, blue tape still on.

Using a 3d printed wedge to hold a printed needle at 45 degrees.

3d printed wedge being used with a laser cutter.

Angled cuts on acrylic needles.

Edge cut needles glued together with acrylic cement.

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