Your journey to forging your very own armor and weapons begins here. Welcome!

Downloading the Necessary Programs[edit | edit source]

For the Pepakura Process, Pepakura Designer and/or Pepakura Viewer, created by Tamasoft will be required to open and edit Pepakura files.

Click here to download Pepakura Viewer

Clcik here to download Pepakura Designer

Pepakura Designer is a shareware program that can be used to scale or otherwise edit files. Pepakura Viewer is freeware for viewing or printing Pepakura files.

Obtaining your Armor/Weapon Files[edit | edit source]

There are two primary repositories for Halo Pepakura files.

The 405th Forums contains an archive of the more commonly used Halo (And some non-Halo) files.

There is also a MissingSpartan7's database which contains a near-full listing of all 405th related pepakura files. It requires a 4shared account.

What Next?[edit | edit source]

The next step is to prepare the files for scaling and printing. Scaling Tutorial

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