This is the starting point for locating files for armor creation. If ever these resources seem to be missing a file, or the file doesn't exist, requests can be made on the 405th forum in the 3d modeling section:

Note that there are not many modelers available, and those that can, are usually limited on time and can only take smaller or simpler requests.

Halo Files[edit | edit source]

Iron Man Files[edit | edit source]

Skyrim Files[edit | edit source]

File Database[edit | edit source]

The Database is primarily managed by MissingSpartan7, and serves as a single point where all of the Halo pepakura files, as well as some foam files and pepakura files from other franchises can be found. If a file exists, it is probably going to be in this location.

Find it here:

Currently located on 4shared, a file hosting site, it does require a free account to access and download files.

In the near future a more integrated interface to the database will be added to this wiki.

Other Sources[edit | edit source]

There is no single post to direct to, but throughout the are numerous threads dedicated to people modeling and presenting files for people to use. There are threads for Gundam armor, Skyrim, and several threads for 3d modelers' various Halo or custom creations.

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