A Stormtrooper cut out of MDF with a ShopBot.


CNC is an acronym for the term "Computer Numerical Control" which is a term used to refer to automated machines, most commonly ones for industrial purposes. In a broad sense, 3d Printing and Laser Cutting can also be referred to as a CNC machine, but the sake of this website it usually refers to Routers, Mills, ShopBot, Tormach, and other CNC machining tools. These are used to take 3d models or 2d vectors and them into wood, metal, or plastics.

In relation to armor making, CNC machines are used to create master molds from which plastic copies can be made using either Vacuum Forming or Mold Casting. While the machines are expensive to own, the molds are relatively cheap to make as are copies made, making this a viable option for mass production. In a general sense, CNC machining replaces Hand Molding with a more accurate process, though it also further separates the armorer from the construction of the armor. Additionally, many cities have access to machine shops that allow usage of such machines for a membership price.

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A ShopBot at the Tech Shop.

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Stormtrooper being cut out of MDF with a ShopBot.

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