A small tub of Bondo brand body filler, and a rubber spreader.

Bondo is the "branding" term used by most armorers to refer to Automotive Body Filler. It is a strong resin putty that is used to fill in gaps, cracks, crevasses and other imperfections to smooth areas on a car. Its strength and smoothing characteristics make it suitable to couple with Fiberglass. The fiberglass strengthens the interior structure of the helmet, while Bondo is used to smooth the "polygon" look of the outside of the armor.

A note. Calling Automotive Body Filler "bondo" is similar to referring to adhesive medical strips as "band-aids" or calling a photocopy a "Xerox". While the nomenclature causes confusion with non-North American armorers who don't have access to Bondo specifically, it is substantially easier to type. Other common names include Bog, Filler or X (I don't remember the others, so if someone does add here). Bondo is a major part of the Pepakura Tutorial.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

Useful tools (Clockwise from top) Bondo, Respirator, mixing surface, cream hardener, mixing stick, spreader, scooping stick, spot putty, latex gloves, masking tape.

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Sanding[edit | edit source]

Two needle files: Standard file (left), and Diamond coated file (right).

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