Welcome to the 405th Wiki[edit | edit source]

The hub for all things 405th. From armor creation topics to resources for files. This is a wiki oriented towards helping members of the 405th, or even anyone passing through, to get a lot of good information and resources to get them started in the world of armoring! Most of the discussion elements of this wiki are disabled. If you have questions or want to show off the cool stuff you've made, http://405th.com/forum is the community home for the 405th!

While there is a definite Halo slant, the 405th is all about helping armor makers of all walks to create their dreams. Though it is still growing, it is our hope to create a great wealth of information needed to really get people going on their armor. We may add some information relevant to the 405th's site as well (etiquette, forum how-to, etc) but we'll see how it goes. Armor on!

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